– Film Bunkar was selected in the Indian Panorama at IFFI 2018.

– The director bagged Best Debutant Director (Documentary Feature Film) award at JIFF 2019



The Indian Express

" The film intends to make such lines of distinctions clearer and, in the process, hold the much-needed discussion on the problems of the weavers."


The Hindu

“ achieves more by way of solutions than similar documentaries, which do no more than simply acknowledge that a problem exists”



Online Cultural Magazine

" At the end of the hour long documentary, one is left with a sense of hollowness at the same time a glimmer of hope. The reality of the dying art hits you and the realization that artists of such creative level deserve better leaves one with a slight sense of shame. Varanasi weavers are unique; they are special and are the unsung heroes of fashion and creativity. "



"Upadhyay’s documentary is a heart-warming attempt, a personal urge to revive and preserve an art that holds a glorious, centuries-old history and was once a thing of pride."



"In India every family thinks it is a matter of great pride to have atleast one Banarsi silk in their homes and yet those persons who weave these world famous Banarsi silks continue to toil in poverty"


The Hindu

“Bunkar is an endeavour to highlight the problems that the weavers of Varanasi have to deal with on a daily basis.”


The Navhind Times

“You can create a real Banarasi saree only on a handloom. The powerloom can only copy it.”


Delhi Messenger

"An insightful view into one of the oldest (yet not-appreciated-enough) artform of India"



Online Journal

"A very important documentary about a dying art.  We hope that it helps revive the demand for handlooms"

Vaishna Roy

Associate Editor, The Hindu

"Great effort for Varanasi Weavers"

Sumedha Ojha

Writer  & Speaker on ancient Indian history & society

‘Bunkar’ is a welcome initiative in that direction, a movie that invites us into the world of the weavers to share their joys and sorrows, as if we were there, with them. It sweeps us along with its lyrical frames and we understand while being enchanted.